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( aren't you glad it's not a SPA? )

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What I'm Doing
  • Rust work for Paya Labs
  • patches for assorted FOSS projects
  • taking classes @ SJSU
Media Attributions

Font: Terminal Grotesque
(Raphaël Bastide, Jérémy Landes-Nones)

Icons: Font Awesome 5

SVG stripes: coffee break designs

Design consultant: Jennifer Wheat

Hi there :)


student @ San José State University.
majoring in Applied Mathematics.

feel free to look around!

Stuff I Think Is Cool

declarative systems configuration

Polar Bookshelf
tag, annotate & highlight PDFs & sites
create flashcards & sync to Anki

OpenAI’s GPT-3

OpenAI’s Dota 2 bot

The Haskellboard