thank god


2020 was probably the most memorable year of my life; while I can’t remember much from many other years, I can recall plenty of things that have happened this year (some good, some bad). Though maybe because it’s still fresh.

updates from the past month

  • New Year’s resolution: I used to write a lot a couple years ago! That doesn’t happen anymore and I think it’s starting to do things to my critical thinking. Starting today, I want to try and write something every day on here. Doesn’t have to be much, just a tweet-length post is OK!! The idea is to slowly get back used to funneling thoughts from my brain into the physical realm. Plus it will be cool to read back on stuff I was thinking!

    i have a blog might as well use it

  • New Year’s resolution #2: I also used to draw a ton; I’m going to try and draw a single picture everyday. Hopefully I’m back on 12/28/2020 with 365 sketches :)

  • New Year’s resolution #3: i need to start doing those anki cards :(((

  • I have restored the page that used to be on this domain in 2009 (?). It is a relic of ancient history and deserves at least a link on my navbar.

  • I’ve published my work on packaging Sxmo, a simple X-based mobile UI for the PinePhone on NixOS (and some other packages) at ~noneucat/nur-packages.

  • I’ve cleaned up my NixOS configuration to make use of NixOps and made all of my devices derive their configuration from a shared base; it’s pretty swanky. It deploys stuff to my webhost and my laptop, including a build of this website with a one-liner. Check it out at ~noneucat/nixos-configs.

  • I completed the basics of and advertised it on reddit, but it doesn’t look like it got much traction (oh well!). I’ll probably just clean the code up a little and then punt it onto a public repo later.

  • I’m working on a toy server that exposes a REST API to my Philips Hue BT lights, currently named tinge. It sounds useless, but it’s kind of nice to have your lights blink after a compile is done or something. Beats having to buy a Philips Bridge to be able to turn off your lights using Siri. I’ll publish it after I figure out how to control the color properly and make the light configurable. It’s up on if you want to f— with it (say hi :) )

  • I bricked my PinePhone modem trying to flash a new modem FW :( It won’t respond on USB and it doesn’t seem to be going into the recovery EDL mode. I need to grab another mainboard whenever they release a new PinePhone.

That’s all for this month. Thanks for tuning in :)