WARNING: This is likely a fire hazard! Please do so at your own risk. I am not responsible for any incidental losses or damages that result from the following procedure.

A while back, my brother’s Surface Book 1 stopped recognizing the battery in the tablet portion of the device. I recently took a look to see if there was any saving it.

While searching around, I came across this post, which mentioned that their device would detect the battery when they applied pressure to the back of the tablet. Lo and behold, the same applied for my device after some trial and error hunting around for the right area to push on.

This definitely sounded like some sort of hardware issue, but the hardware was certainly out of warranty, and a replacement certainly out of budget. So I took some needlenose pliers and repeatedly striked the problem area over a long period of time until it was dented enough to press in on its own.

Right after I was done, I realized that this almost assuredly a stupid and procedure, since the problem was probably a swollen battery (!), and that I was basically hammering it (hindsight is 20/20). But it works.

I will monitor it while it charges back up and probably keep it with my LiPos in a firesafe box in the meanwhile. Wouldn’t recommend overall and probably just worth throwing it out if its’s not your primary device + you’re strapped for cash or something.