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Dark Times

Jan 7, 2021
tags: politics,, reflections,

In case you are reading from the future or don’t know of this yet, today protestors breached the Capitol and interrupted the certification of Joe B...

Percussive Maintenance

Jan 5, 2021
tags: surface,, book,, laptop,, fix,, battery,, charge,,

WARNING: This is likely a fire hazard! Please do so at your own risk. I am not responsible for any incidental losses or damages that result from t...


Jan 4, 2021
tags: unlucky,

I left my wallet in at home before going to get groceries. Unlucky….

Ponderings 1/2/21

Jan 3, 2021
tags: ponderings, games, fortnite, apex, pinephone, anx7688, eeprom, camera, meta,

If you are streaming games over the net, do visually noisy games like Apex encode worse than flatter games like Fortnite? i could probably wri...

Reflections: Braven Capstone Challenge

Jan 1, 2021
tags: braven, capstone, competition, reflections,

I’m a little late to the party, but I’m happy to announce that my team was the winner of the Braven Capstone Challenge, hosted in collaboration wit...